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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blue Hues

New Look on LookBook
Stole a shot next to this baby blue Bentley...love its colour HAPPY BLOGGING...SEE YOU SOON

Monday, May 7, 2012

Late realisation

The story behind this dress....

I bought this dress with so much excitement and a tad bit of hastiness. I loved the colour and fiqured it was time to get something apart from beige or taupe (which are my favourite colours). When I got home, I had to face the late realisation of its open-arms feature...Something which wouldn't go with my personality....so now it awaits, patiently in my closet for an owner... do you see yourself rocking this dress? HAPPY BLOGGING...SEE YOU SOON :)

Vintage-packed weekend

Brompton road to Bricklane


This lovely lady, standing outside History Studios, clad in all things VICTORIAN was kind enough to lend me her hat for this shot.
Many were stopping for a picture with her... and that hat sure was heavy


@Spitalfields Market
The stalls at Spitalfields are just amazing. Ranging from vintage, handcrafts, eccentric, upcoming designers to trendy selections. One can't fall short of entertainment and the talent will leave you in complete awe.

@ a Vintage store... 
All these amazing bags can lead you to involuntarily want them all...

I grabbed a shot with this vintagelicious bloke. Love his blazer *10 points*

Trying things on was loads of fun....wouldn't mind doing that again :)
I love her vintagelicious look...

We had a great time and this was the result of going to BLITZ...the bags aren't all mine...I promise hahaha!


Sunday, May 6, 2012