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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Take a bow :)


I got inspired, by my cousin (Rethabile) to share my thoughts on bows...These pictures show how much versatility the ''BOW'' has, whether it be around your neck, head, finger, hat, or bag...it adds that extra wow-factor to any look....and because I wanted to save the best for last,you'll see his picture (Rethabile) last. He's looking quintessentially Vintage-Spillage...LOVE IT! 

This was a very special day for me. My first feature in People Magazine. The alice-band with the bow adds a playful touch to the dress. The bow-tie gave Matt* a  clean finish ;)

Most of us dressed up as ''Depressed Brides'' for halloween. My belt has a bow-tie, which adds a feminine touch to the sad look. lol! I constantly had to make sure that Maria's* pencil alice-band stayed far from my eye (More halloween looks will be coming soon)

Katly looks amazing in her androgynous look (Red blazer, rolled up chinos and brogues) paired with this cute D.I.Y head-bow...absolutely subliminal.

I have featured this picture in an older post, however, I felt it needed a return :) I have to give my friend (Refentse) props for thinking out the box! Shorts to a Matric-Dance!! With a killer blazer, stunning shoes and just the right amount of confidence to go with it, equals...MAGIC!! 

I can only think ''PURE ELEGANCE'' when I see Busi clad in this gorgeous
LBD with a scarf which is effortlessly tied to her neck. She then sits on a swing which, to me, depicts
a young lady gazing at her bright future. 
Bow on bag...thumbs up...saw it, loved it!! :)
The Queen of Bow-ties. I could have never imagined that a tuxedo, worn by a lady, almost always, could ALWAYS look breath-taking. Janelle Monae is the epitome of ''ORIGINALITY'' 

The inspiration behind this post :) Love the pose, the shirt, the bow, the glasses and the vintage-look of the picture....and hence I take a bow at the end...   


Friday, October 28, 2011

Stewardesses who rolled out the right side of their beds

Today we were looking at options on what to wear for the ''Halloween-Celebration'' and this Stewardess outfit which Babushka bought threw me off my chair! lol! We had a great time trying it on...
I was having a look at our local talent, Cocoa Moon Art Jewellery. These amazing pieces  can transform any look from zero-to-hero!! Have a look at them and if you would like to make orders just email Nancy on studiococoamoon@gmail.com

Alena (Babushka) looks amazing in the Stewardess-Costume

The background says it all...lol! once I think ''BLOG'' I act PRONTO.

This is just an idea of what we might wear because the weather can be cruel sometimes and not allow us to. Another option was to dress up as ''dead-brides''.


Cocoa Moon Art Jewellery

These amazing neck pieces by Cocoa Moon left me feeling truly proud to be South African.
The standard of her work could easily make a hit in the West End.

Nancy's creativity is beyond me. COCOA MOON NEEDS TO BE SHARED WITH THE 
WORLD!! Every piece stands out and grips my attention. I love that they are daring and bold.
I can say, without a doubt ,that each piece tells a special story that's incorporated in each contour.

Street-Style Search

I went to Camden Market with my friends and this ''Street-style'' searching happened  unexpectedly. I saw my first candidate (holding a bright pink bag and the light went on in my head to start looking for looks which caught my attention. I had plenty of fun doing this and here's what best stood out for me...HAVE A LOOK :)

My first ''Street-style'' had on a pair of glasses which caught my eye. Her look was simple, yet edgy. Lovely contrast

I love how expressive her look is. She was indeed a very bubbly character, much like what her outfit depicts...The head-wrap caught my eye, she sure wowed me!! :)

This very enthusiastic man has no problem with always being asked for a picture. He even said its a norm...*that was an epic moment, when he said that* I was mind-boggled to
see his walking-stick...I guess its all originality :)

I love this look, its easy-going and shouts ''IM YOUNG AND HAPPY''...that's what immediately came to mind when I laid eyes on his cap..love how he's flipped it right up :)

These two lovely ladies caught my attention with their amazing vintage bags and gorgeous vintage hair-do's...they were truly vintage, which was an absolute joy to see.

The guy drinking from the can had on a lovely ''old-school american-combo'' as I'd like to call
it. His friend, had on burgundy pants which I loved (which aren't properly seen in the pic). The old-school american-look looked pretty rad when paired with his newly-painted pink nails.
He truly doesn't hold back on expressing himself *ten.points* :)

My most care-free candidate. I loved his hair, which looked like an old school German-cut. A risk-taker and fun-going character..now thats Bloggerlicious!! 

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE THE HAIR!!....These were my words as I approached my final candidate. A happy chap indeed with hair which made me smile 
from ear to ear :)) lol!

My friend shared a bright big smile with me to close off the ''Street-style'' searching...a lovely day indeed :)

 I felt so tired. However, the lovely lady sitting next me (Alena, better known as Babushka) did all the picture taking. She must've been completely out of it but still looked gorgeous at the end of it all....


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nearly, but not yet....

Dropping in at a street market, amongst the most sought after shops, just around the 
corner from the Picadilly Circus was like gulping in a breathe of fresh air. Here, you could anything from
vinyls to velvet shawls, it was amazing.

Antique meander...this is the best way to end my day. Nestled amongst the mad rush is this beautiful place of tranquility. It sure fed my insatiable love for old classic pieces. Real art, true creativity. 

We had an awesome time. Headed to Harrods, later on to see the latest...all was gorgeous, however, I'll forever stay a lover of vintage... :)

Happy blogging ya'll. ''Camden Creativity'' is coming soon..

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A thing of the PAST....

So the other day i decided why not take mama's jersey and see if this look could actually work...I love the dramatic flower detail, a real staple of patterns of the past.

This outfit I'm wearing and the one that Tina is wearing has no vintage elements, but the background pervades Egyptian history, which to me is the most sought after depiction of history there is, considering also that its an imitation that lies nestled in the BREATHE-TAKING Harrods :) *total.bliss*

After scouring for the most boyish look i could find, I ended up with a jersey that once belonged to mama, black cigarette trousers, black blazer, which was formally papa's and whisked those together... Combining female and male elements to produce an androgynous look is always key.

The pattern around the mirrors and on the ''mini-balcony'' take me to medieval times... 

Another piece of clothing which i took from mama...the ''maxi-skirt'' as its now called. This navy-blue pleated skirt goes everywhere with me, on holiday, church, malls, short excursions....EVERYWHERE. its my Joie de vivre :)

Forever new has a selection of vintage-inspired pieces that'll always grab your eye but this dress totally ripped my eye out its socket!! Again, i love the dramatic old way way of using the print on textile...Paired with these cheeky salmon-pink heels i got at Socrati...its a winner

I found a picture of this lovely aristocratic bedroom. What beautiful detail!! I needn't explain it...its just sublime...LOVE IT!!