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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NOSTALGIA is creeping in...

I love old cars and considering that I don't have one, this
tractor does just the trick for me. I feel like I have travelled back in time when I'm on it.

This antique piece steers me right back to the times of "Mr Darcy". The quality of the wood and the intricate detail take me way back to an era I wish I had best known.

Once again, my love of prams can't be taken away. I don't know what it is about them that just lures me in. I reckon it's the massive wheels, my eyes can't get off of them.

The day I move out from home, I'll see to it that my mom is not around so that I can pop a little something special into the truck....hahaha, now that's a plan!! lol

Honestly, don't we all just love Mr Bean. I think he is the only person who can successfully make me tumble on the floor with laughter, without having to say a word.

...and that car is ever so classic. It comes with a padlock and all. Wow, he's genius.

Mic check 1, 2, 1, 2. Now these are real mics. Can't be mistaken for anything else...

Believe it or not, these are mine. Then I wore them, unwillingly, but now I wish I could stretch them to be a size 6 and rock them for Winter. 

What a classic dress (worn by my friend, Katly). Reminds me of something Marilyn Manroe would've happily worn and turned into an eternal Fashion Buzz. Move over LBD. LRD (little red dress) is taking over. 

My first modelling job. It was for People magazine and we appeared on the cover of the Teenage Section. I was stoked to see myself in a magazine for the first time.

I'll blog more about the modelling job soon and the rest that followed and will be blogging about the rest that are to come...lol.

Today's lesson: Save all your nice clothes for your children, that are to come, because thrifting can sometimes be a tough job.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dealing With Detail

I love this top, down from its fairy-light detail to its looseness and comfort in material.
Its versatile and works well dressed up or down.

I got this corset-like top from Guess and I love the Zebra-print, plus
the antique chair adds blogerlishesness to the look..lol 

I was paging through an Escada catalogue ( in Doré) and I saw these
gorgeous animal-print pumps. A must-have with amazing detail and loud
enough statement to reach Selfridges (on Oxford Str-London) lol.. 

Went antique "perusing" again and saw this 100 year-old antique chair
that sits on little rollers. Mr Darcy lived quite the life, if I must say .

Check or Tartan, I just love the creativity and Bless the founder
of the concept

Pigalle dress. Love it! It obviously looks better on human but this dress
does the talking for you. Its SUBLIMINAL!!

I was going through a designer's (Lerato)  concepts and I saw this amazing dress
with this absolutely cool detail and I decided that she needs to be rubbing shoulders
with the Creme dela creme of the Fashion Industry. Her talent needs to be discovered.

Today's lesson: Add detail to simple pieces. Remember, a little goes a long way. Imagine having chips/fries without salt/vinger/ketchup.... 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

!!Flower Power!!

I have to say, I'm a sucker for taking my mom's old clothes and giving new life to them.

My friend, Onthatile, (you can find her on Ferness Spoon) mixes a floral jump-suit with a boy-friend blazer and adds
a mad twist to it...ankle boots. Now thats what I like to call "Bloggerlishes" 

You have to absolutely adore this jump-suit. The detail around the neck is amazing

My friend, Ray Bonzataphe ,or better known as Rhee, mixes tough elements to her soft-floral print
high-waisted skirt. A real knock-out!!

My friend/lil sis Katly, adds a "secretly" golden clutch to her bubbly ensemble. Love the cut of the dress and the 
way it just compliments her figure. Ten Points!! 

Rihanna's dress is chic and the flower-petal detail is stunning! 

My cousin, Deborah adds skinnies to her floral top that we've named "Escada's finest".
She adds a beautiful pair of gladiators and we have a winner!!

Better, up-close and personal. xoxo 

While i was paging through the Hello (UK mag). I came across this insanely gorgeous dress.
It has some vintage touch to it and the accessories are priceless! Love it!! 

I just had to close of with a pic of me..lol. This dress gives me confidence, even if it's tucked behind the smallest hole.
I love it. The heels are real sky-scrappers and allow me to have a wonderful view...lol!!

Nature is beautiful. Imagine what it could do for you if you incorperate it into your daily look....

Monday, January 17, 2011

My widget

Vintage Living...a spillage of antiques

An 80's disco look can give excitement to any room.

A leather matress!!? Who would've thought? Add something unique to your room
It's worth the try!

Detail. detail, detail. Funky carvings can always turn
"Oh, what nice furniture you have" to "Wow! , how gorgeous
is that!"

(To the young bloggers) You obviously not thinking of having babies now...I hope.
But if you intend on have any in the future...I suggest you save your pennies...Lol!!
I love this pram

Don't do this to your house, but be a collector. The tip is not to find space for
those key pieces you love, but to make space for them.

Oh how retro. Should you decide to live in a cabin...for some odd reason.
Pimp it out with colours that won't bore you. Be vibrant!!
Mixing and matching is a must-do. Playing it safe with the normal
three-piece couch set is a little yesterday. So out with the old and in with
Antique and Improved!!!!!!

Living like the Queen might be pushing it, but adding Persian
rugs to your home, will surely add a royal flare

...and finally...SAVE! Buy yourself that expensive bag you've always wanted. At the fraction of the cost, that is. Sales are girls best-friend.



Sunday, January 16, 2011

Get the perfect X-essories for 20-elevation

 Get shades that are perfect for your frame!!
 Play around with funky rings. Not all at once though...
A basic white top/tank top is a must have

 A handbag that'll last for centuries...
 ...along with wedge-heels, that can turn a simple outfit into a WOW-FACTOR
HONESTLY! We all need a pair of brogues. They just make a statement without saying a word.

Get crazy colour in your hair...look, you only live once. So give it a try!!!

...and last but certainly not least. get yourself a crazy clothing item that nobody else has...yes. START CUSTOMISING YOUR CLOTHES!!