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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Mr Darcy takes me to a zeitgeist that I would love to relive on a daily basis. Today I have successfully pulled of a Mr Darcy look that has one modern element to it, the thin black belt. I'll make this an affair to remember.
Happy Blogging ya'll...!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A designer that needs discovery...

  Lerato's designs always have me going back for more....

She takes me places..


Missed the bus..
Clad in Leratos thoughts...

All of these amazing designs are from Lerato. A lady from my hometown: Vereeniging. She's amazing and has a truly unique way of putting her thoughts on textile. I wish to see her collection on ramps in the near future...

If you would like something special from this incredibly amazing designer. Email me and I will give you her details. ;)


Sunday, February 13, 2011

here's a simplification of EVERYTHING im going through...

I love the oufit of the guy who gave me the

I need to let go of my dolls but I'll just keep em hangin

These pumps and bag are one of my favourites. I haven't found the the occasion to wear them yet so do invite me..

Quite a retro-retreat. These chunky-heeled Vere Wangs
are a real classic

Vintage is not my alias, it's my life

I need a rise, i worked so hard for this love of mine..

High-hems,low heels

Best place to be on a Saturday for the Vintage Spiller. NewTown

Flowing eeezy

Always a plessure to see passionate youngsters..

Ignite me..my shoulders blow up...Im Zara

Savy some tea village?
Served in my ragga-inspired dress ;)

Polka's for the lot. Pick yours for a mere V-Vintage (my new currancy) 

For next winter

How far do I have to go to get to you...many the miles?

When all I could do is wait patiently...

I had a lovely vintage-filled weekend. Inspiration from many sources kept on creeping in to my "box" of thoughts. Music being my greatest influence, it ignites me and gives me something to think about, it's my first love. Renee Olstead, Norah Jones and Laura Izibor were my favourites this weekend, hence my "box" of thoughts (my blog) is packed with an array of flavours.
It's always a pleasure talking to you. Be good ;)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vintage Spillage spreading some vintage lovin

I'm not  Valentine's day fan but I thought I should spread the love, during the "month of love". Don't have much to lose do I?  This picture was taken at school at the Valetines Ball (2010) we had annually and not once have I ever went with a date...Lol! Five years of High School, five Valentine Balls and no date?
I guess that's just how I like it.

Spread the love, not only in February but constantly...  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The moments I love the most

The "too cool for school" moments...

The "I have long hair, for a few seconds" moments...

And the times I wore extremely eye-catching clothes and
enjoyed the attention..

The silly moments...

The moments I felt happy to see one of my favourite
models (Joelle Kayembe) at my favourite place ( Hyde Park Mall)...

The times of fun and fame..

The moments of VINTAGE FULFILMENT...

The "dress for the occasion" days...

The "oooh, such pretty clothes they have"moments
The "I feel sporty" times... 

Tip of the moment: cherish every moment and live everyday like it's the last.