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Saturday, February 25, 2012

London Fashion Weekend Report

London fashion weekend was absolutely phenomenal. London designers are daring and their creativity is sky-rocketing. This experience for me was mind-boggling, it was my first time attending a show and I truly enjoyed it. From the catwalk, show rooms, ambiance to everyone attending, the entire affair was one to surely remember. Here are some of  the looks which really stood out for me. I'll be blogging about the show rooms and the catwalk soon.

Elana and Jennifer
Elana's leather jacket adds some femininity with its puffed up shoulders. The boat shoes grabbed my eye, paired with skinnies and a blazer, Jennifer's look is androgynously gorgeous.

Queenie Cortel
Queenie goes all black, her floaty dress centres her leather and studs.
Her spiky heels were really cool.

Brodie Mcnall

Brodie's look was so graceful. Her sheer dress was so elegant and perfect for today's amazing weather 
Antonia Georgiou
These gorgeous ladies, along with their friend Antonia Georgiou (with pink bag), who' ll be having her birthday tomorrow, all had unique looks. Happy Birthday girl!!

Alena Kravchenko
Alena pairs a red top with a green coat. Her glasses are amazing.

Sophie's Jeffery Cambpell's, which are synonymous with most bloggers, go so well with her pleated skirt. Love her bag  *10 points*
Evangelina Fysa
Eva pairs her Jeffery Campbells's with a burgundy coat, blue patterned leggings and a crispy white shirt. Stunning!!
Jaimie (Blogger @ Forever Trending)
Jaimie's neck piece adds that wow-factor to her pastels. Her top is just  amazing. Check out her blog on Forever Trending

Emma Hodgson
I love Emma's look. Her style is EPIC. She had on clean cuts and her velvet jacket was the cherry on top. 

Her skirt is fabulous

Prada sunglasses, fur coat, stunning accessories and a good eye for style ...what a lovely recipe for  Australian blogger who loves traveling far and near for fashion. 

Shorty is a 10!! :) Penelope's dress was so unique, I love the colour and style. Although she wasn't keen on having her face shown in the pic, she agreed to having a body shot...Better than nothing 
...and her shoes...classic, had to get a snap.

Erica & Holly
These ladies looked simply subliminal

Coolest glasses ever...Francesa was working her look. Love her blazer and the bow in her hair.


Original vintage collectables  from the world war, what a sight to see. This show room had my eyes bouncing about the room with excitement. These vintage lovin' ladies (above) just made my day.
With the host Zoe Hardman (TV Presenter)
Zoe looked incredible. She chose a nude skirt with a shimmering top, chunky neck-piece and topped it off with gorgeous heels.

More on the catwalk and show rooms coming soon.


Friday, February 24, 2012

London Fashion Weekend Street Style

Just as a sneak peak of what fashion lovers were clad in today at the London Fashion Weekend. As I exited  Temple (tube station, which is closest to the Somerset house, where the LFW is held) there was no doubt that it's London Fashion Weekend....many, who were coming from the shows, looking gorgeous, served as indication... I just had to share with you how unique and gorgeous they looked... I'll be seeing a show tomorrow and will post more looks.


Lauryn & Neda 
Lauryn's floral cropped top looks stunning with her Equestrian look.
Combining soft&tough elements, Neda, adds chunky accessories, leather jacket and converse's to her pretty dress.

 Chih Chi Wang
Chih chi makes a bold statement by pairing her Dr Martins with argyle patterned tights, the coat encapsulates the colours of her top and (inner) jacket. Her fabulously fashionable friends joined her as I took the pic. They all looked so stylish.
Kim & Jesse 
Colour-blocking infused with animal prints... Kim &Jesse looked simply subliminal *LOVE IT* 
Pauline's neon-yellow and black maxi skirt compliments her animal print top
so well. She adds a classic piece, a beige clutch bag, which once belonged to her mom.

 Jamina Davidson & Lorna Mangan
Jamina colour-blocks with fuchsia peep-toes, neon pink top and a blue blazer.
Her funky-print leggings are the cherry on top.
Lorna went all back, with leather-patched leggings, stunning lace-up ankle boots and fur coat,her animal-print top and red lip adds a special touch to her look.



Thursday, February 23, 2012

Constant rivival of the PEPLUM

I had to do a double take when I got my peplum skirt. I felt it was too ''girly'' for my liking, but not until I started seeing how beneficial its function is. It goes well with just a basic black/white top and can turn any look from simple to fab in no time. It dates back from the forties and is constantly being revived & restructured. I just love it....

All the designs may look different to another, however they all stay to true to its origins ...the little over-skirt which adds an instant flair to the look *10 points to the Greeks for this invention* 


Vintage through Norman Parkinson's lens

Norman Parkinson took the world by storm with he's impulsive and unstructured style of photography. It was nothing like the stiff and posed approach of his predecessors. His flawless professionalism is pervaded through his work. His long association with Vogue and numerous assignments with Harper's Bazaar and many other international magazines bought him international recognition. He  photographed many of the greatest icons and was photographer to the Royal family. Constantly re-inventing himself, his work never fell short of excitement...HERE ARE A FEW WHICH I REALLY LOVE...