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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taking it back, way back to a zeitgeist that best discribes me

A pair of Ferragamos always make a Vintage Statement. I love these blue ones I got,
they go well with a pair of slacks or an A-line dress.

Me and my friends, my love for antiques is increasing by the day.
I found out that furniture is only antique when it has aged well over 100 years. Quality takes time to mature.

Lovely combo, I saw this picture in the Hello magazine, I love her jacket, the bow tie and his thin tie are so complimentary.

Futuristic apparel. I s this how we are going to dress in the future? Mc Queen would be so delighted I'm sure. He was the King of futuristic...and still is, however, alternatively we could always opt for a Betsy Johnson or Vivienne Westwood piece ;)

I absolutely love this sheer top with the printed-skirt...CAPITAL i say!!!

Love, love, love these bags! A must-have!!!

Gorgeous A-line dress sintched in with a red belt on timeless nude heels...music to my ears

I love how J-Lo didnt take a nautical approach to her maxi dress. The Jakie-O's, as I call them, are the cherry on top.

Prints aren't normally my piece of cake, but this dress from Hip Hop stole my eye. A true work of art. The green, I'd say, symbolises grass which is the source of life to all the flowers floating around. 

This top is truly avant-garde, not for the faint-hearted and needs to be worn with plenty of confidence. I prefer wearing it with an edgy skirt and keep everything else minimal because it does a lot of talking.

This vintage dress has seen many a day. I love the two-step ruffles and its versatility.
It can be dressed up or down and you'll be sure to make a bold vintage-statement.

Sorry I haven't blogged in such a long while. I've kept myself updated with your blogs...still loving the creativity.

Happy blogging ya'll :)

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  1. My friend has this vintage baby blue dress, it's lovely!