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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Take a bow :)


I got inspired, by my cousin (Rethabile) to share my thoughts on bows...These pictures show how much versatility the ''BOW'' has, whether it be around your neck, head, finger, hat, or bag...it adds that extra wow-factor to any look....and because I wanted to save the best for last,you'll see his picture (Rethabile) last. He's looking quintessentially Vintage-Spillage...LOVE IT! 

This was a very special day for me. My first feature in People Magazine. The alice-band with the bow adds a playful touch to the dress. The bow-tie gave Matt* a  clean finish ;)

Most of us dressed up as ''Depressed Brides'' for halloween. My belt has a bow-tie, which adds a feminine touch to the sad look. lol! I constantly had to make sure that Maria's* pencil alice-band stayed far from my eye (More halloween looks will be coming soon)

Katly looks amazing in her androgynous look (Red blazer, rolled up chinos and brogues) paired with this cute D.I.Y head-bow...absolutely subliminal.

I have featured this picture in an older post, however, I felt it needed a return :) I have to give my friend (Refentse) props for thinking out the box! Shorts to a Matric-Dance!! With a killer blazer, stunning shoes and just the right amount of confidence to go with it, equals...MAGIC!! 

I can only think ''PURE ELEGANCE'' when I see Busi clad in this gorgeous
LBD with a scarf which is effortlessly tied to her neck. She then sits on a swing which, to me, depicts
a young lady gazing at her bright future. 
Bow on bag...thumbs up...saw it, loved it!! :)
The Queen of Bow-ties. I could have never imagined that a tuxedo, worn by a lady, almost always, could ALWAYS look breath-taking. Janelle Monae is the epitome of ''ORIGINALITY'' 

The inspiration behind this post :) Love the pose, the shirt, the bow, the glasses and the vintage-look of the picture....and hence I take a bow at the end...   


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