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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Meeting Kim Kardashian, seeing Liz Hurley, and daring things along the way...

I saw Liz Hurley at Westfield (Shepards Bush) promoting her new bed linen range.
Love her dress!!

Meet and greet with Kim Kardashian at Debenhams (Oxford Street) She looked amazing in her red lace dress by Valentino.

Spikes and futuristic heels...walking to Sloane Square will ensure a kaleidoscopic view. From Prada
Fendi to Alberta Ferretti...there's always something jaw-dropping to see.

Love Love Love this car!! Classic!

I prefer my neutrals and dark shades. Love this dress but after trying it on, I thought I would've liked
it better in taupe.

Babushka bought this stunning dress when she went on holiday in Monaco...yes Monaco!! I'd love to visit Monaco...so I had to try this dress on just to feel some ''Monaco fabric''
\The National history Museum has a selection of mirrors which show a warped version of yourself...Here, I wait nervously to see how perculiar I look in the mirror lol!

When tiresome kicked in...Chilling on the escalators at Knights Bridge Tube Station.



  1. Can't believe you met Kim Kardashian! Love the dress you tried on!

    Diary of a Short Girl

  2. She's gorgeous!! Thanx, I loved it too...wish they had it in a neutral colour :)