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Friday, November 4, 2011


Theme for halloween: ''Depressed Brides''
We probably don't look as ''depressed'' as intended but that's because this was our (Tina and myself) first time playing dress-up for halloween. This was before the make-up had been done.

We had a great variety of looks but the theme pervades its true meaning in this pic. All the finishing touches were complete and we were ready to head to ''The Grand'' 

Our scars were strategically drawn lol!...with Kajal. Which later got smudged once the ''Depressed Brides'' turned Ecstatic!! :)

Tina's make-up complete...check
Claws out..check
Tina ready to attack...check

Anna was the Queen Bee. She had on her full attire, which came with veil and all. She never held back on getting into character...muy bien amiga!!

Here we have our twin-brides...same dress, different colour.
They were getting their make-up done. I saw the weirdest things that went into the process of making the ''Brides'' looks complete. 

Sonia's alice-band was the most hazardous tool of the night. We refrained from getting too close to it, in fear of having one of our eyes stuck on it as decoration lol! We had a great time at The Grand, saw plenty of creative outfits, from Amy Winehouses to Black Swans.

It was my first time playing dress-up for halloween...will I do it again?
Let me just say, next time, I'll play dress-up for All-Saints Day (which is the day after halloween) ;)

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