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Saturday, February 11, 2012

My visit to Prangsta and my interview with the Vintage-Guru herself

Prangsta is a costume shop like no other, nestled in a very quiet area, just South of London, it pervades a most cheering spirit. We entered the store, I reached straight for my camera and couldn't stop clicking away...

Mind-boggling 20's (beaded) flapper dresses

Men's tartan checked suit jackets (on the left rail)

Drawers and drawers of the most gorgeous corsets

Collection of shoes, ranging from different eras

From full, half, decorative to party masks. The options are
limitless, exciting to try on and majestic. 

Every corner of the store boasts with exceptionally unique
pieces. Even the walls
(some of which are covered with wall-paper)
were interesting to look at.

Wigs with retro haistyles

 For the blokes...


With loads of hats to choose from, you're spoilt for choice...


Mel's love and passion for vintage pervades the moment you set foot into the store. The entire store, from ambiance to music, is retro. After styling Alena and Andrew (pics below) she offers us a drink, makes us feel at home and we start chatting away....

Me: When did you open the store?

Mel: We've been going for 7 years

Me: when did your love for fashion blossom? 

Mel: I went to Saint Martins (College of Arts & Design), I didn't want anything to do with fashion, then later I fell back into it. I love how garments are constructed. I started collecting vintage pieces and giving life to retired pieces grew into a fascination. Thats when I then steered into costume making.

Me: What are your future prospects?

Mel: This year, where we're trying to take the business is more glamour and red carpet. I would also like to make some things for Ascot.

Me: You are doing your Boudoir as well aren't you?

Mel: The Boudoir is something we've done for a few years at different festivals and private parties, the whole concept of bringing a boudoir to a private party really works well. This year we might do festivals like Kimberly.

Me: How do you keep all these beaded dresses in such great condition? 

Mel : We're constantly reinforcing the costumes, so if there's anyone who's good with sewing, has time on their hands and has an appreciation for vintage, I am willing to make an exchange with them, a free term (10 weeks of dress making courses) or costume hire.

Me: Did you grow up around the influence of fashion?

Mel: Not really, but my grandmother had really good taste and beautiful things, her house was a magical place to go to over Christmas.

Me: You are very passionate about what you do, what keeps you going?

Mel: What keeps me going is that we're saving discarded things. I'm very aware of the state of the planet and I'm not saying we are part of the solution but we aren't part of the problem at least. Saving things and making new things from old things is at the very core of the business.


They looked simply subliminal. These two gorgeous ladies (right) were clad in all things retro and looked stunning. The costumes along with the help of Mel and the ladies(working at Prangsta) can transport you to a totally different era.

For more information about costume making classes, costume hire or anything about Prangsta, contact Mel on : info@prangsta.co.uk   or visit their website on: www.prangsta.co.uk

HAPPY BLOGGING...SEE YOU SOON :)                                           


  1. I love dressing up and I love costumes. You are so lucky to visit that treasure trove of goodies

  2. It was plenty of fun, you should really check Prangsta out, its worth it :)