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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

London Fashion Week Preparations

Stephanie and I have put together similar outfits , whilst keeping our personal styles. This is in preparation for London Fashion Week! Which will be a first for both of us.We had plenty of fun doing this and have yet to decide which look we'll each ultimately go with...Suggestions are highly appreciated, so feel free to comment :)

1st look: Navy-blue maxi skirt

2nd look: LBD

3rd look: lace

4th look: high-waisted

5th look: boyish

6th look: cropped hems

7th look: all denim

8th look: long jersey

9th look: tartan

10th look: white collar

11th look: orange&leather

12th look: black&beige

13th look: wild-card

14th look: favourite dress

I think we have become even more confused with what to wear because we never imagined that we could come up with so many looks. Some are obviously not practical for LFW (London Fashion Week), but no harm in trying...which do you think we should individually go with? 


Next up: My visit to Prangsta (costume store)....filled with plenty of vintage inspiration 




  1. I like 'white collar' but I also like your fave dress..cant wait to see what you chose in the end.

  2. Thanx for your suggestions Imo, we wil definitely post our final looks.