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Monday, January 17, 2011

Vintage Living...a spillage of antiques

An 80's disco look can give excitement to any room.

A leather matress!!? Who would've thought? Add something unique to your room
It's worth the try!

Detail. detail, detail. Funky carvings can always turn
"Oh, what nice furniture you have" to "Wow! , how gorgeous
is that!"

(To the young bloggers) You obviously not thinking of having babies now...I hope.
But if you intend on have any in the future...I suggest you save your pennies...Lol!!
I love this pram

Don't do this to your house, but be a collector. The tip is not to find space for
those key pieces you love, but to make space for them.

Oh how retro. Should you decide to live in a cabin...for some odd reason.
Pimp it out with colours that won't bore you. Be vibrant!!
Mixing and matching is a must-do. Playing it safe with the normal
three-piece couch set is a little yesterday. So out with the old and in with
Antique and Improved!!!!!!

Living like the Queen might be pushing it, but adding Persian
rugs to your home, will surely add a royal flare

...and finally...SAVE! Buy yourself that expensive bag you've always wanted. At the fraction of the cost, that is. Sales are girls best-friend.

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