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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

!!Flower Power!!

I have to say, I'm a sucker for taking my mom's old clothes and giving new life to them.

My friend, Onthatile, (you can find her on Ferness Spoon) mixes a floral jump-suit with a boy-friend blazer and adds
a mad twist to it...ankle boots. Now thats what I like to call "Bloggerlishes" 

You have to absolutely adore this jump-suit. The detail around the neck is amazing

My friend, Ray Bonzataphe ,or better known as Rhee, mixes tough elements to her soft-floral print
high-waisted skirt. A real knock-out!!

My friend/lil sis Katly, adds a "secretly" golden clutch to her bubbly ensemble. Love the cut of the dress and the 
way it just compliments her figure. Ten Points!! 

Rihanna's dress is chic and the flower-petal detail is stunning! 

My cousin, Deborah adds skinnies to her floral top that we've named "Escada's finest".
She adds a beautiful pair of gladiators and we have a winner!!

Better, up-close and personal. xoxo 

While i was paging through the Hello (UK mag). I came across this insanely gorgeous dress.
It has some vintage touch to it and the accessories are priceless! Love it!! 

I just had to close of with a pic of me..lol. This dress gives me confidence, even if it's tucked behind the smallest hole.
I love it. The heels are real sky-scrappers and allow me to have a wonderful view...lol!!

Nature is beautiful. Imagine what it could do for you if you incorperate it into your daily look....

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