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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dealing With Detail

I love this top, down from its fairy-light detail to its looseness and comfort in material.
Its versatile and works well dressed up or down.

I got this corset-like top from Guess and I love the Zebra-print, plus
the antique chair adds blogerlishesness to the look..lol 

I was paging through an Escada catalogue ( in Doré) and I saw these
gorgeous animal-print pumps. A must-have with amazing detail and loud
enough statement to reach Selfridges (on Oxford Str-London) lol.. 

Went antique "perusing" again and saw this 100 year-old antique chair
that sits on little rollers. Mr Darcy lived quite the life, if I must say .

Check or Tartan, I just love the creativity and Bless the founder
of the concept

Pigalle dress. Love it! It obviously looks better on human but this dress
does the talking for you. Its SUBLIMINAL!!

I was going through a designer's (Lerato)  concepts and I saw this amazing dress
with this absolutely cool detail and I decided that she needs to be rubbing shoulders
with the Creme dela creme of the Fashion Industry. Her talent needs to be discovered.

Today's lesson: Add detail to simple pieces. Remember, a little goes a long way. Imagine having chips/fries without salt/vinger/ketchup.... 

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