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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Looks of the day

I got plenty of vintage inspiration and came across two gorgeous vintage vixens and 
a debonair bloke...they gave me more reason why ''in with the old and out with the new'' is always

This lovely lady, caught my eye, she elegantly makes a bold statement with her 
mustard top and matching tights. The grey skirt and ankle boots perfectly completed her look as the cherry 
on top...LOVE IT!

(Second snap with the vintage vixen)

Another gorgeous vintage vixen who caught my eye was clad in a stunning tartan top
and high-waisted pencil skirt. Her ankle boots were simply subliminal and her scarf added some edge to her look... *10 points*

(Second snap with the vintage vixen)

When I saw those brogues, tartan scarf, blood-red corduroys, poor-boy cap and that navy blazer I just felt transported to a zeitgeist that I truly love. This debonair bloke was my last candidate of the day, and asking for a pic was worth while :) 

(Second snap with the debonair bloke)

This vintage car was the ultimate cherry on top!

 This day was really over-flowing with vintageness and I will have a blog-post on all of that soon...HAPPY BLOGGING. SEE YOU SOON :) 

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