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Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Top 3 Vintage Inspirations

I spotted this vintage vixen in Top Shop.  I love how she encapsulates both androgyny
and femininity, with a perfect balance of lace, patterned tights and panama hat. 

Top Shop never falls short of vintage vixens, I met yet another, in the vintage-clothes section.
She was scouring through the racks, in search of a unique piece I presume. Her coat was gorgeous
and her bag just added that extra wow-factor to her look.
I met another vintage-lover, this time in Urban outfitters. He wore a green blazer, which was perfectly matched with  green and maroon checked trousers. The flashes of white shirt and socks just made his look all the more unique.
The maroon brogues were the cherry on top.


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