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Monday, January 30, 2012

My Vintage Encounter

Meet Chrisanthy Christoforou

I met this gorgeous young lady near Leicester Square Station.
Loved her vintage-inspired look and I just had to get a snap...
In true vintage style, her look encapsulates femininity.

Her hat is just amazing...slightly tilted to one side with feather detail.
 Love her yellow gloves!! They add a unique touch to her look. 
Its the perfect accessory for winter *10 points*

Our vintage vixen is not shy in front of the camera, she flashes a smile and strikes a pose.
For these last two pictures she swapped her daily-specs for these cute warfarers.

Its always a joy meeting vintage vixens/blokes around London because once you get to speak to them, you're most likely to find out that they're not originally from here...It puts a big smile on my face to know that many youngsters, globally, are spreading vintage-lovin' :)


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