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Monday, November 7, 2011

Inspired by Vintage Spillage

How it all began...

I was in absolute amazement when a good friend of mine (Precious Mabasa) sent me this picture of her web design which is inspired by the name of my blog Vintage Spillage.

I put a lot of thought into the name. After plenty ooh's-aah's, maybe's and no-no's the words ''VINTAGE SPILLAGE'' popped into my head and I felt content and ready to start blogging. The blog started off very slow but inspiration arouse after I received an email from Jackie Burger (Editor of Elle Magazine S.A) saying that I got featured  in the Elle Magazine. This, for me, served as the greatest inspiration of all to get my blog going. I became more inspired when Precious presented me with her lovely creation.

Through years of misunderstanding and teen-tantrums, the ultimate person who continuously tried opening the door to elegant-dressing is my mother. My transformation from ''TOMBOY'' TO ''VINTAGE-SPILLAGE'' never took place over night.

A big thanks to these three women: Tshidi Masangane, Precious Mabasa and last but not least Jackie Burger for their inspiration :)  

 Precious Mabasa (My friend)

 Tshidi Masangane (My mother)

 Jackie Burger (Editor Of Elle Magazine S.A)