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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vintage Love

Adding a touch of the much needed ''in with the old, out with the new'' is vital for me.
Here are a couple of reasons why my love for vintage is forever blossoming...

You can never go wrong with the classic LBD...

The art work was and still is phenomenal...

There's always something exciting to discover and you
can be sure that you're the only person in possession of it...

Good old lovin....

Hats stay intact...

Antiques are timeless, they're gorgeous today, tomorrow
and forever ....

The clothes are simply subliminal. The no-gimmicks approach to this
(Christian Dior 1947 creation)
jacket make it timeless and forever ''new''....

(Rahvis London 1947)
Elegance was always encapsulated in womens clothes...

I saw these interesting signs at Portabello market, which carries a wealth of 
vintage clothes, artifacts, furniture, crockery and many more....

Gorgeous clocks (at portabello market)

This store (at portabello market) had a range of crockery, cutlery
and many classic pieces which transported me to a zeitgeist which best
describes me :)

The cars were quite strong back then. This Dodge seems to have
survived the toughest of times...LOVE IT!

The music is forever green...

Everyone stopped for a picture of this Merc...*10 points*

Opulance, opulance, opulance. Back then, finding the ''wow-factor'' 
could come as easy as turning your head...



  1. I love old cars. You guys looks gorgeous.

  2. i loved the dress in the first picture... I must find one with that structure

  3. Thanx Texture. I actually got that one at Primark.
    Hobbs has the same structure dress in store