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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Simply Subliminal Little Black Dress (LBD)

''When in doubt, always opt for the LBD''. I beg to differ...''When in need to look timeless and effortlessly
gorgeous, always opt for the LBD''

When I hear LBD, I immediately think ''Audrey Hepburn''. Iconic for the LBD. She made it 
become a staple in every womens closet and if you havent yet
purchased yours I hope the pics below will
give you reason to :)

Alena looks amazing in her LBD which she paired with
a black bolero. 

I added some nude heels to this lace LBD

The detail on this LBD along with the animal print heels 
add a fun touch to it

I love this LBD, not only is it extremely comfortable, because of the stretchy material of the dress,
but it also nips and tucks in all the problem areas very well ;)

We went on a boat-party ,along River Thames, with a couple of my friends. Alena went all-black and 
mixed up her LBD with these amazingly decorated stockings. 10 Points!!

You can have it with one shoulder...

You can wear it draped...

Or you could bedazzle it and have a Peter-pan collar...

Knee length, with strappy heels works too...

The legend herself...Audrey Hepburn looks simply subliminal in her iconic LBD


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